How to Learn Singing “Killing Me Softly With His Song” from Roberta Flack

How to Learn Singing “Killing Me Softly With His Song” by Roberta Flack

Learning to sing a song like “Killing Me Softly With His Song” by Roberta Flack requires a combination of vocal technique, interpretation, and practice. This iconic song showcases Roberta Flack’s beautiful voice and the unique vocal technique she uses to convey emotion and captivate listeners.

To learn how to sing this song effectively, we will explore the vocal techniques used by Roberta Flack and provide practical advice along with relevant Singing Carrots resources to help you master this popular track.

Vocal Technique: Emotion and Control

“Killing Me Softly With His Song” is a soulful ballad that requires a balance of emotion and control in your singing. Here are some vocal techniques to focus on:

Resources for Learning “Killing Me Softly With His Song”

To enhance your learning experience and practice effectively, we recommend utilizing the following Singing Carrots resources:

  • Vocal range test: Before diving into learning the song, assess your vocal range to understand your vocal limits and select the most suitable key.
  • Pitch accuracy test: Use this tool to improve your pitch accuracy, a crucial aspect of singing this song.
  • Vocal Pitch Monitor: Practice singing along with the virtual piano to monitor your pitch and ensure accuracy.
  • Search songs by vocal range: Find other songs that fall within your vocal range to expand your repertoire and discover similar vocal techniques.
  • Vocal ranges of famous singers: Explore the vocal ranges of other famous singers to better understand the unique techniques they employ in their songs.
  • Educational singing course: Enroll in our comprehensive singing course to improve your overall singing skills and technique.


Learning to sing “Killing Me Softly With His Song” not only allows you to appreciate Roberta Flack’s vocal talent but also helps you develop important vocal techniques such as emotion control and interpretation. By utilizing the practical advice and resources provided by Singing Carrots, you can enhance your singing skills and confidently perform this beautiful song.