How to Learn Singing “Kooks” from David Bowie

How to Learn Singing “Kooks” by David Bowie

Learning to sing a particular song can be a fun and rewarding experience. In this article, we will guide you through the process of learning to sing “Kooks” by David Bowie, a beautiful and heartfelt song that showcases Bowie’s unique vocal technique. We will also highlight the vocal technique used in the song and mention other popular songs where it can be found.

The Vocal Technique in “Kooks”

“Kooks” is known for its gentle and melodic vocal style. Bowie employs a mix of breathiness and controlled falsetto to create a delicate and intimate sound. This vocal technique adds an emotional depth to the song and allows the singer to convey vulnerability and tenderness.

If you are new to this vocal style, it may take some practice to develop the breath control and precision needed to execute it effectively. Singing Carrots offers several resources that can help you master this technique.

1. Breath Support and Control

Proper breath support is essential for executing the breathy and controlled falsetto used in “Kooks.” Check out Singing Carrots’ article on breath support to learn techniques and exercises that can improve your breath control.

2. Vocal Registers

Understanding and transitioning between vocal registers is crucial for singing in a melodic and expressive manner. Singing Carrots has a comprehensive article on voice registers and vocal break that can help you navigate through different registers and achieve smooth transitions.

3. Articulation and Phrasing

Paying attention to the articulation and phrasing of the lyrics is important in capturing the emotional nuances of “Kooks.” Singing Carrots provides valuable tips on articulation that can enhance your singing performance.

Other Songs to Explore

The unique vocal technique used in “Kooks” can also be found in other popular songs performed by various artists. Here are a few examples to explore:

  • “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen – This iconic song, covered by many artists, features a similar mix of breathiness and controlled falsetto in the vocals.
  • “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver – This hauntingly beautiful song showcases a delicate and vulnerable vocal style that resonates with the same emotional depth found in “Kooks.”
  • “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac – Stevie Nicks’ performance in this classic song exhibits a gentle and melodic vocal style that captures the same intimacy as “Kooks.”

Exploring these songs can provide further inspiration and help you broaden your understanding of this vocal technique.


Learning to sing “Kooks” by David Bowie is an exciting endeavor that allows you to delve into the unique vocal technique employed by Bowie in this heartfelt song. By practicing breath support, understanding vocal registers, and paying attention to articulation, you can master this vocal style and bring your own interpretation to the song. Remember to explore other songs that utilize a similar vocal technique to further develop your singing skills. Singing Carrots’ resources, such as the song search tool and the pitch training module, can greatly assist you in your singing journey. So grab your mic and start singing “Kooks” with confidence and emotion!