How to Learn Singing “Landslide” from Robyn Sherwell

Mastering “Landslide” by Robyn Sherwell

Landslide, a cover by Robyn Sherwell, is a soothing, emotional song requiring controlled vocal dynamics and delicate execution. Mastering such a song involves understanding its distinct vocal technique.

Understanding the Vocal Technique

Robyn Sherwell’s Landslide predominantly uses a technique called Heavy Modal, characterized by a resonance rich, full-bodied tone. This technique can also be heard in songs like Adele’s “Hello” and Sam Smith’s “Too Good at Goodbyes”. It’s about creating an emotional connection, conveying the song’s sentiment through controlled, emotive vocals.

Developing the Technique

Before jumping into singing the entire song, take time to develop your Heavy Modal technique. Review our article on Heavy Modal, and practice the referenced exercises. Using the Vocal Pitch Monitor, visualize your sung notes to ensure you’re producing consistent sound.

Learning Landslide

Now that you’ve warmed up your voice and practiced Heavy Modal, engage with the song. Start with listening to “Landslide” to understand Sherwell’s vocal dynamics and phrasing. Then, break the song into sections, focusing first on the ones that suit your current vocal range. Use our Vocal range test option if you’re uncertain of your range.

Remember to employ breath support as you sing, and maintain an open throat and relaxed jaw for best resonance.

Refining and Performance

Once you’re comfortable with the song structure and can sing through it reasonably well, it’s time to refine and add your unique touch. Gauge your voice, make any necessary adjustments and start developing your interpretation of the song.

Refer to our performance and stage fright articles to prepare for live singing, ensuring you connect with your audience emotionally as Sherwell does.


Singing “Landslide” by Robyn Sherwell requires a good grasp of the Heavy Modal technique and an understanding of emotional storytelling. Remember, practice and persistence are key to mastering any song. Use the resources provided, and most importantly, enjoy the process!