How to Learn Singing “Last Straw” from Jack’s Mannequin

How to Learn Singing “Last Straw” by Jack’s Mannequin

If you’re a fan of Jack’s Mannequin and want to learn how to sing their song “Last Straw,” you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of learning and mastering this beautiful track. We’ll also highlight the unique vocal technique used in the song and mention other popular songs that utilize a similar technique.

Step 1: Vocal Analysis and Warm-up

Before diving into the song, it’s essential to analyze your voice and warm up properly. Singing Carrots provides a vocal analysis article that can help you understand your vocal range and voice type. Once you have a better understanding of your voice, use the vocal range test tool to determine your range and compare it with famous singers.

To enhance your vocal skills, warm up using Singing Carrots’ pitch training exercises. These exercises will develop your pitch accuracy and help you hit the right notes while singing “Last Straw.”

Step 2: Vocal Technique – Belting

The unique vocal technique used in “Last Straw” is called belting. Belting is a powerful and resonant singing style commonly used in contemporary pop and rock music. It allows singers to deliver strong, sustained, and expressive notes.

If you’re new to belting or want to improve your belting technique, Singing Carrots provides a detailed article on contemporary vocal techniques. This article explains the different aspects of belting, including breath support and resonance.

Step 3: Learning “Last Straw”

Now let’s dive into learning “Last Straw” by Jack’s Mannequin. Start by listening to the original song multiple times, paying attention to the melody, lyrics, and overall vibe.

For better vocal accuracy, Singing Carrots offers a pitch accuracy test tool. You can sing along to simple melodies and receive instant feedback on your pitch accuracy.

Once you’re familiar with the song, Singing Carrots’ song search tool can help you find similar songs in terms of vocal technique, difficulty, and genre. Check out the vocal ranges of famous singers in the artist vocal ranges section to explore other songs that utilize belting.

Step 4: Practice and Performance Tips

To effectively learn and perform “Last Straw,” here are some practical tips:

  • Practice regularly: Dedicate consistent practice sessions to improve your vocal skills and interpretation of the song.
  • Focus on breath support: As belting requires good breath control, incorporate Singing Carrots’ breath support techniques into your practice routine.
  • Pay attention to articulation: Clear and precise articulation will enhance your vocal performance. Singing Carrots’ articulation article offers useful tips on improving your diction.
  • Experiment with emotion: “Last Straw” has emotional depth. Singing Carrots’ article on singing with intuition, skills, emotion, and thinking explores how to express emotions while singing.


Learning to sing “Last Straw” by Jack’s Mannequin can be an exciting and rewarding journey. By following the steps outlined in this article and utilizing Singing Carrots’ resources, you’ll develop the necessary vocal technique and skills to perform the song with confidence. Remember to practice regularly, use proper breathing techniques, and incorporate Singing Carrots’ pitch and range tools to improve your vocal accuracy.