How to Learn Singing “Lateralus” from Tool

Learning to Sing “Lateralus” by Tool

Lateralus, by the progressive metal band Tool, offers an interesting challenge for singers due to its complex rhythm and the unique vocal techniques employed by lead singer, Maynard James Keenan. One of the main techniques used is twang, also common in songs like AC/DC’s “Back In Black” and Guns N’ Roses’ “Welcome To The Jungle”.

Step 1: Understanding Your Voice

First and foremost, understand your voice and its capabilities. Take the vocal range test, knowing your range can help you adjust the song’s key if needed.

Step 2: Master the Twang Technique

To get that sharp, clear sound that is key to singing “Lateralus”, practice the twang technique. Here’s a helpful exercise to develop twang in your voice.

Step 3: Pitch Accuracy

Ensure your pitch is accurate. Use our Pitch accuracy test and the Pitch Monitor, and work on any tuning issues you might have.

Step 4: Learn the Song and Lyrics

Familiarize yourself with the melody and lyrics. Here are some tips on how to learn a song effectively.

Step 5: Application

After you’ve practiced, it’s time to put it all together and sing the song. Use the Pitch Training exercises on our platform if you come across difficult intervals.

Step 6: Performance

Once you’ve mastered the song, it is time to perform. Refer to our Tips for performing on the stage for effective stage presentation.

Final Thoughts

Singing isn’t just about having a great voice; it’s also about conveying emotion and connecting with your audience. Remember to sing with feeling and enjoyment. After all, making music should bring joy to you and your listeners!