How to Learn Singing “Legends” from Juice WRLD

How to Learn Singing “Legends” by Juice WRLD

Learning how to sing a particular song requires careful analysis, practice, and the use of specific vocal techniques. In this article, we will explore how to learn singing “Legends” by Juice WRLD, a popular song that showcases his unique vocal style. We will also highlight the vocal technique used in the song and mention other popular songs where this technique is utilized. With practical advice and the help of Singing Carrots resources, you can enhance your singing skills and master “Legends.”

Analyzing Your Voice

Before you start learning a song, it’s essential to analyze your voice and determine your vocal range. Singing Carrots offers a helpful Vocal Range Test that compares your range with famous singers. Knowing your range will enable you to better navigate the song and make appropriate adjustments.

Understanding the Vocal Technique

“Legends” by Juice WRLD features a unique vocal technique known as melodic rap or sing-rap. This technique blends elements of rap and singing, creating a smooth and melodic flow. Juice WRLD’s emotive delivery and catchy melodies make this technique signature to his style.

Learning from Juice WRLD’s Style

To learn singing “Legends,” it’s essential to study Juice WRLD’s vocal style and understand his phrasing, rhythm, and delivery. Pay close attention to how he transitions between rapping and singing, effortlessly weaving emotions into his performance. Analyzing Juice WRLD’s other popular songs like “Lucid Dreams” and “Wishing Well” can provide helpful insights into his vocal techniques.

Practical Tips for Learning “Legends”

Here are some practical tips to help you effectively learn and perform “Legends”:

  1. Start by listening to the original song multiple times to familiarize yourself with the melody, lyrics, and overall structure.
  2. Break down the song into smaller sections and practice each section individually before putting them together.
  3. Focus on mastering the rhythmic patterns and flow of the song, paying close attention to the phrasing and dynamics.
  4. Use the Singing Carrots Pitch Accuracy Test to assess your pitch accuracy while singing along to the song.
  5. Utilize the Vocal Pitch Monitor to visualize and analyze your sung notes on a virtual piano.
  6. Train your vocal range and agility with the Singing Carrots Pitch Training exercises.
  7. Search for songs in your vocal range, difficulty level, and genre preference using the Singing Carrots Song Search tool.
  8. Explore the vocal ranges of over 5000 famous singers with the Singing Carrots Artist Vocal Ranges feature.

Enhance Your Singing Journey

For a comprehensive singing learning experience, consider enrolling in the Singing Carrots Educational Singing Course. This 21-lesson program covers singing theory, practical tips, and exercises to help you develop your singing skills.


Learning to sing “Legends” by Juice WRLD requires dedication, practice, and a deep understanding of his unique vocal technique. By analyzing your voice and using practical advice and Singing Carrots resources, you can enhance your singing abilities and master this song. Embrace the melodic rap style, study Juice WRLD’s other popular songs, and enjoy your singing journey!