How to Learn Singing “Let It Rock” from Kevin Rudolf

How to Learn Singing “Let It Rock” by Kevin Rudolf

Learning to sing a particular song can be an exciting and rewarding experience, and “Let It Rock” by Kevin Rudolf is no exception. In this article, we will explore the unique vocal techniques used in the song and provide practical advice on how to master them.

The Unique Vocal Technique: Belting

One of the standout features of “Let It Rock” is the use of belting. Belting is a powerful singing technique that involves singing in a loud and resonant voice in the higher vocal range. It helps create a strong and dynamic sound, perfect for capturing the energy of this rock-infused track.

Practical Tips for Learning “Let It Rock”

1. Warm Up Your Voice

Before diving into the song, it’s important to warm up your voice. Singing exercises like humming, vocal sirens, and lip trills can help warm up your vocal cords and prepare them for the challenges ahead.

2. Analyze Your Voice

Understanding your voice is crucial for singing any song effectively. Take some time to analyze your vocal range, voice type, and any specific strengths or weaknesses you have. The article “How to Analyze Your Voice” on Singing Carrots can provide you with useful insights.

3. Work on Breath Support

Belting requires excellent breath support. Practice deep diaphragmatic breathing and work on exercises that improve your breath control. Singing Carrots’ article on “Breath Support” offers valuable tips in this regard.

4. Experiment with Vocal Registers

“Let It Rock” showcases the use of different vocal registers. Experiment with your mixed voice, chest voice, and head voice to achieve the desired vocal texture of the song. The article on “Voice Registers & Vocal Break” can help you understand and navigate different vocal registers effectively.

5. Use Singing Carrots’ Pitch Training

Developing pitch accuracy is vital for singing any song precisely. Singing Carrots offers a helpful Pitch Training tool that allows you to practice matching pitches, improving your overall pitch accuracy.

6. Learn from Famous Belting Singers

To further your understanding of belting, listen to and study other songs sung with this technique. Some popular songs incorporating belting include “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi, “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele, and “Skyfall” by Adele. Singing Carrots’ extensive list of vocal ranges of famous singers can help you discover more songs by belting artists.

By following these practical tips and utilizing the resources provided by Singing Carrots, you can effectively learn to sing “Let It Rock” by Kevin Rudolf. Embrace the energy of the song, master the technique of belting, and enjoy the experience of singing this popular rock anthem.