How to Learn Singing “Let’s Get It On” from Marvin Gaye

Learning to Sing “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye’s R&B classic, “Let’s Get It On,” is a great song to challenge and develop your singing skills. Gaye’s soulful vocal delivery incorporates a melismatic singing style, an important vocal technique commonly used in soul, R&B, and gospel music.

Melismatic Singing in “Let’s Get It On”

Melisma is the technique of singing multiple notes over a single syllable, which is a hallmark of Marvin Gaye’s vocal style. You can hear this technique on lines like “Let’s get it oooon,” the word “on” is stretched over multiple notes. Apart from R&B, this technique is also common in many other popular songs like “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston.

Step-by-step Guide to Master “Let’s Get It On”

You can follow these steps to learn and master the song:

  1. Analyze your voice: Understand your vocal range and voice type by taking a vocal range test and reading the article on voice types.
  2. Understand the song: Break down the song into smaller sections. Identify where melismas are and practice them separately.
  3. Practice the melismas: Begin by singing slowly, focusing on accuracy before speed. Gradually speed up as you become more comfortable.
  4. Use tools: Use our Vocal Pitch Monitor to see your pitch accuracy and the Pitch Training tool to practice this technique in a fun, interactive way.
  5. Articulation: Pay attention to how Marvin Gaye pronounces each word. Using the correct articulation can drastically change the sound of your singing.
  6. Emotional connection: “Let’s Get It On” is known for its sensual undertones. Understanding and conveying these emotions will make your rendition more authentic, an aspect you can explore in this article.

Learning Other Songs

Once you master this song and the melismatic technique, you’ll find it easier to tackle other similar songs. You can find songs that match your vocal range with our Song Search tool.

Keep Practicing!

Remember, constant practice and learning from feedback is the key to improving your singing skills. Keep using our range of interactive tools and resources, and soon you’ll notice a significant improvement in your singing abilities.