How to Learn Singing “Life Is Worth Living” from Justin Bieber

Learning to Sing ‘Life Is Worth Living’ by Justin Bieber

‘Life Is Worth Living’ by Justin Bieber is a moving ballad that showcases the vocalist’s impressive range and control. Learning the song requires a strong understanding of both your vocal abilities and the techniques Bieber uses in his performance.

Analyzing Vocal Technique

The key vocal technique employed in this song is a controlled use of mixed voice. Bieber seamlessly switches from his chest voice to his head voice, creating a sense of emotional transition throughout the track. This delicate balance between different voice types is also used by artists such as Zayn Malik in ‘Pillowtalk’ and Ariana Grande in ‘No Tears Left to Cry’.

Understanding Your Own Voice

Before you start with the song, you should first understand your own vocal range. This will help you determine if the song is within your vocal capabilities or if you’ll need to adjust the key for your performance.

Learning the Song

Once you’re familiar with the range and technique required, you can start learning the song. A good practice is to first learn the melody, then gradually add the lyrics. Sing along with Bieber using our Vocal Pitch Monitor to check your pitch accuracy. If you’re struggling, practice with our Pitch Training Game to sharpen your ears and pitch control.

Training Your Mixed Voice

Mixed voice training is tricky because it involves combining chest and head voice. Consider watching the videos discussing Chest Voice and Mixed Voice, and try out the exercises they suggest. This will help create a smooth vocal break, crucial for this song’s emotional transitions.


Singing ‘Life Is Worth Living’ effectively involves an understanding of your vocal range, practice with overall song learning techniques, and the ability to use your mixed voice. With consistent practice and understanding of these elements, you’ll be able to deliver a captivating rendition of Justin Bieber’s heartfelt song.