How to Learn Singing “Lighters” from Bad Meets Evil

Learning ‘Lighters’ by Bad Meets Evil

‘Lighters’ is a popular song by Bad Meets Evil, a presence that shines in the world of rap. Learning to sing it involves a combination of skills, primarily related to rhythm, articulation, and sustaining breath. Also, the use of the vocal technique known as Twang, predominately used in the rap genre.

Understand Your Voice

Every voice is unique with its range, timbre, and strength. Analyzing your voice is vital before attempting to sing a song. Here’s a test to help determine your vocal range, which can aid you in comfortably singing ‘Lighters.’

Articulation and Rhythm

‘Lighters’ is a rap song, putting a lot of importance on articulation and rhythm. Lyrics in rap are generally rapid and demand crisp pronunciation. Check out our article on articulation and the Finger Bite technique for a practical guide. Practice your rhythm with our Educational Singing Game.


Twang is a vocal technical element often employed in rap. It helps in creating a more focused, sharp sound good for quick word delivery. You can explore this technique further in our article on contemporary vocal techniques and this Twang exercise.

Sustaining Breath

Rapid-fire lyrics in rap require effective breath control to avoid running out of breath mid-verse. Our article on breath support and the Sustain Vocal exercise can assist you.


While perfecting technique is crucial, the performance aspect can’t be overlooked. Make use of these tips for performing on stage, and the Stage Tips video to impress with your rendition of ‘Lighters.’

In conclusion, breaking down the individual aspects and practicing them separately before combining them will aid you greatly in mastering ‘Lighters’ by Bad Meets Evil. Keep practicing and happy singing!