How to Learn Singing “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong” from Spin Doctors

Mastering ‘Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong’ by Spin Doctors

This iconic song requires mastering various vocal techniques, notably the ‘Twang’ technique which gives the song its characteristic ‘nasal’ sound. The Twang technique is often used in pop and rock music and can be found in songs like ‘Creep’ by Radiohead.

Start by understanding your voice type and voice registers well. Use these techniques to find the best pitch and range for singing the song. Our vocal range test can help with this.

To learn the Twang technique, check out this video tutorial. It helps in creating a bright, cutting vocal sound which is necessary to sing ‘Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong’ effectively.

Learn the song’s melody with the help of our song search feature, which can show you the exact pitches of the melody.

Also, the song involves a good deal of articulation. Work on enunciating your words clearly and quickly using exercises like the ‘Finger Bite’ available here.

Remember to maintain an effective breath support throughout the performance. Try out the Farinelli Breathing video exercise for improving your breathing technique.

Finally, feel the rhythm, imbibe the attitude, unleash your emotion, and give a memorable performance of ‘Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong’.