How to Learn Singing “Living Hope” from Phil Wickham

Learning to sing “Living Hope” by Phil Wickham

“Living Hope” is a beautiful song performed by Phil Wickham that requires a broad vocal range and a well-controlled mixed voice. The song showcases a unique blend of sustained notes and a poignant, expressive quality that makes it a great piece for developing both technical skills and interpretational depth.

Ensure your vocal range matches the song by taking a quick vocal range test. “Living Hope” has a wide range and might challenge your comfort zone – a great opportunity for growth!

Step 1: Understanding the song

Begin by getting to know the song inside out. Apply the steps suggested in this article on how to learn a song effectively.

Step 2: Breath control

A significant element of “Living Hope” is sustained notes. This necessitates excellent breath control. Learn about breathing basics and breath support, then practice with this breathing exercise.

Step 3: Mastering mixed voice

Wickham uses mixed voice expertly in “Living Hope,” with seamless transitions between vocal registers. To get a good understanding of voice registers and break, refer to this article. Put this knowledge into practice by following along this video on mixed voice.

Step 4: Emotion and articulation

Crucial to the impact of the song is conveying its heartfelt message. This requires singing with emotion and excellent articulation to clearly deliver the lyrics. Brush up on your skills with these articles on singing with emotion and articulation. Then, apply these styles by singing along a similar song.

Step 5: Practice and feedback

Practice the song using the Vocal Pitch Monitor and evaluate your pitch accuracy with the Pitch Accuracy Test. Both tools will provide feedback on your performance, helping you to improve.

Happy Singing!