How to Learn Singing “Lose Control” from Evanescence

Learning to Sing “Lose Control” by Evanescence

“Lose Control” is a powerful song by Evanescence, delivered with exceptional emotion by lead vocalist Amy Lee. A blend of operatic vocals and hard-rocking orchestration, the song presents an excellent opportunity to hone your singing skills.

Identify Your Vocal Range

The first step to learning any song effectively is to analyze your voice and understand your vocal range. Amy Lee is known for her mezzo-soprano voice, but if your vocal range is different, don’t fret. You can modify the song to suit your voice. Use the Vocal range test to determine your range.

Understand Belting Technique

Amy Lee’s delivery in “Lose Control” involves a range of vocal techniques including belting. Belting is associated with a powerful, loud vocal style. You’ll also notice this technique used in popular songs like “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston and “Listen” by Beyoncé. Ensure you’re using proper breath support through diaphragmatic breathing to help prevent vocal strain.

Practice Pitch Accuracy

“Lose Control” demands accurate pitch control, especially when shifting between lower and higher notes. To enhance your pitch accuracy, the Pitch Training tool can be useful. For a deeper understanding of why you might be singing out of pitch, refer to this article.

Articulation & Emotion

Next, focus on articulation. The song requires clear pronunciation of lyrics and the expression of intense emotion. Practicing with Finger Bite video can provide excellent results for articulation.

Perform the Song

Once you’ve practiced, it’s time to perform. You can sing along with the song, taking care to maintain the belting technique, pitch accuracy, and articulation you’ve practiced. Use the Vocal Pitch Monitor to ensure you’re hitting the right notes.

Record & Analyze

Finally, remember to record your performance. This will help you notice areas for improvement. And don’t forget to take care of your vocal health!

Enjoy the process, and let your spirit shine through as you lose control!