How to Learn Singing “Loser” from Beck

Learning to Sing “Loser” by Beck

Considered an anthem for the 90’s alternative rock music scene, “Loser” by Beck makes interesting use of a unique vocal technique: talk-singing. This style is typically characterized by rhythmic speaking or reciting of lyrics, as seen in popular songs like “It’s the End of the World” by R.E.M. or “Subterranean Homesick Blues” by Bob Dylan.

Understanding Talk-Singing

Talk-singing demands keen control of rhythm and pitch. In contrast to traditional singing, it doesn’t involve intricate melodies but rather focuses on delivering lyrics with a steady beat. This technique doesn’t exempt a singer from maintaining good breath support or avoiding constrictions.

Getting Started

Before diving into the song, familiarize yourself with the track’s rhythm and style. Consider using the vocal range test to understand if the song suits your voice type, as outlined in our articles on voice types and voice registers.

Practicing the Song

Start by trying to speak rhythmically, focusing on the beat. Since Beck’s lyrics are infused with a steady rhythm, our Pitch Training can help you enhance your pitch accuracy. Using the Vocal Pitch Monitor during practice can show if your vocal pitch aligns with the original track while talk-singing.

Vocal Technique and Style

Beck’s vocal style entails nuanced articulation and a prominent use of his chest voice, which is critical for successful talk-singing. These videos on improving chest voice and articulation can help you master the singing style of “Loser”.

Performing the Song

Finally, when it comes to the performance, engage the audience by injecting emotion and intuition into your delivery. Our resources on Singing with intuition, skills, emotion, and thinking and Tips for performing on stage, coupled with the singing course, can prove valuable.

Even with a song that disrupts the traditional sing-song norms like “Loser”, with the right approach and practice, you can emulate Beck’s unique singing style and make the performance truly your own.