How to Learn Singing “mad woman” from Taylor Swift

Learn to Sing: “mad woman” by Taylor Swift

“mad woman” by Taylor Swift is filled with intricate nuances that work together to create a captivating performance. Let’s break down the vocal techniques used in this song and see how you can replicate them.

Understanding the Song

Start by listening carefully to “mad woman” and imitating Taylor’s vocal style. Pay special attention to her vocal range, tone, and how she phrases the verses. Knowing the song intimately is the first step to performing it well.

Vocal Technique

“mad woman” is a good example of a contemporary singer using Twang. Swift cleverly contrasts the soft, deep verses with a bright, twangy chorus. This technique allows Swift to project her voice while keeping it full and resonant, even at higher pitches. Twang is also prominent in her songs, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and “I Knew You Were Trouble”.

Try this Twang Exercise to practice the skill

Vocal Range

In “mad woman”, Swift’s vocal range spans from B3 to D5. Sing along with the song and use our vocal range test to see if your vocal range matches with the song’s.

Pitch Accuracy

Ensuring that each note sung is accurate is critical in a song with such a wide vocal range. Practice the song with our Pitch Training tool and work on your pitch accuracy.

Emphasize on Story-Telling

Swift’s songs, including “mad woman”, are known for their strong story-telling aspects. Feel free to infuse your own emotions into your performance.

Final Thoughts

Mastering “mad woman” will take time and patience, but with diligent practice, you can truly make this song your own. Utilize all the resources we’ve talked about and take advantage of Singing Carrots to help in finding your own voice.