How to Learn Singing “Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis” from Judy Garland

How to Learn Singing “Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis”

Singing a classic song like “Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis” by Judy Garland can be a delightful experience. This iconic song, featured in the film “Meet Me in St. Louis,” showcases not only Garland’s beautiful voice but also her unique vocal technique that captures the essence of the time period. In this article, we will explore how to learn and master this song, highlighting the vocal technique used by Judy Garland and mentioning other popular songs that utilize a similar style.

1. Get to Know the Song

Before diving into learning the song, take some time to become familiar with “Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis.” Listen to the original version by Judy Garland and pay attention to the melody, lyrics, and overall mood of the song. This will help you understand the style and emotions you should convey when singing.

2. Analyze Your Voice

Understanding your own voice is essential for singing any song effectively. Read the article “How to Analyze Your Voice” on Singing Carrots to learn more about analyzing your vocal range, voice type, and vocal strengths. This will help you tailor your performance of “Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis” to your unique voice.

3. Vocal Technique: Chest Voice and Head Voice

Judy Garland’s rendition of “Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis” showcases a beautiful blend of chest voice and head voice. To master this song, it is important to understand the concept of voice registers and vocal breaks. Read the article “Voice Registers & Vocal Break” to learn more about these techniques and how to transition smoothly between registers.

4. Warm-up and Breath Support

Prior to singing “Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis,” warm up your voice to ensure vocal readiness. Singing Carrots offers a helpful warm-up exercise video, “3 Minute Warm Up”, which is perfect for preparing your voice before tackling this song. Additionally, practice breath support techniques described in the article “Breath Support” to ensure you have the necessary control and stamina for this song.

5. Interpretation and Expression

“Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis” is a song filled with joy and excitement. To truly bring it to life, focus on your interpretation and expression. Sing with emotion and connect with the lyrics. Read the article “Singing with Intuition, Skills, Emotion, and Thinking” to learn how to enhance your performance by infusing your personality and emotions into your singing.

6. Further Resources

For additional guidance on singing techniques and vocal health, Singing Carrots provides a comprehensive library of articles and exercises. Explore topics such as vocal health, singing posture, vocal articulation, and more. Use the following resources to expand your knowledge:


“Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis” by Judy Garland is a timeless song that allows you to showcase your vocal skills and have fun while singing. By analyzing your voice, mastering vocal technique, and incorporating practical advice from Singing Carrots, you can learn to deliver a captivating performance of this classic song. Remember to practice regularly, stay true to your unique voice, and enjoy the process of learning and singing “Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis.”