How to Learn Singing “Message in a Bottle” from The Police

How to Learn Singing “Message in a Bottle” by The Police

If you’re a fan of The Police and want to learn how to sing their famous hit song “Message in a Bottle,” you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of learning and mastering this iconic track.

The Vocal Technique: Versatile and Expressive

“Message in a Bottle” is known for its energetic and expressive vocal performance by lead singer Sting. One of the unique vocal techniques used in this song is a combination of chest voice and falsetto. This vocal contrast adds depth and emotion to the song, allowing the singer to express vulnerability and power simultaneously. This technique can be heard in other popular songs by The Police, such as “Every Breath You Take” and “Roxanne”.

Step 1: Vocal Warm-up and Breathing

Before diving into the song, it’s crucial to warm up your vocal cords and practice proper breathing techniques. Singing Carrots offers a helpful 3 Minute Warm Up exercise that focuses on breath control and vocal flexibility. Additionally, make sure to read Singing Carrots’ articles on breathing basics and breath support to improve your overall singing technique.

Step 2: Analyzing Your Voice and Range

Prior to learning the song, it’s important to understand your vocal range and how it corresponds to the song’s melody. Singing Carrots provides a handy vocal range test that can help determine your range and compare it with famous singers. This test will give you insights into which parts of the song may be easier or more challenging for you.

Step 3: Mastering the Melody and Lyrics

Once you have warmed up and understood your vocal range, it’s time to start learning the melody and lyrics of “Message in a Bottle.” Familiarize yourself with the song by listening to the original recording or finding a high-quality karaoke version. Singing Carrots’ pitch accuracy test can also be helpful in assessing your pitch while practicing the song.

Step 4: Vocal Technique and Expression

As mentioned earlier, the vocal technique in “Message in a Bottle” involves a combination of chest voice and falsetto. Singing Carrots’ article on voice registers and vocal break will provide you with a better understanding of these vocal techniques. Practice transitioning between chest voice and falsetto to truly capture the essence of the song.

Step 5: Performance and Stage Presence

Performing “Message in a Bottle” requires not just vocal skills but also stage presence and confidence. Singing Carrots’ articles on how to overcome stage fright and tips for performing on stage can help you overcome any anxieties and enhance your overall performance.


Learning to sing “Message in a Bottle” by The Police is an exciting endeavor. By following the steps outlined above and utilizing the resources provided by Singing Carrots, you’ll be well on your way to mastering this iconic song. Remember to practice regularly, warm up your voice, and embrace the unique vocal techniques used in the song. Happy singing!