How to Learn Singing “Mighty to Save” from Laura Story

How to Learn Singing Laura Story’s “Mighty to Save”

Learning to sing a particular song can be an exciting and rewarding experience. In this article, we will explore how to learn singing Laura Story’s popular song “Mighty to Save” and highlight the unique vocal technique used in this song. We will also mention other popular songs that utilize similar vocal techniques. Let’s dive in!

Understanding the Song

Before you start singing “Mighty to Save,” it’s important to understand the song’s style and message. “Mighty to Save” is a powerful worship song characterized by its uplifting melody and heartfelt lyrics. The song’s unique vocal technique lies in its dynamic range and the ability to convey deep emotions through the singing.

Practical Tips for Learning the Song

To effectively learn and master “Mighty to Save,” consider following these practical tips:

  1. Listen to the Original Recording: Start by familiarizing yourself with the original recording of the song. Take note of the dynamics, phrasing, and overall vocal performance.
  2. Analyze Your Voice: To sing the song accurately, it’s essential to analyze your vocal range using the Singing Carrots Vocal Range Test. This will help you determine if the song’s range suits your voice.
  3. Warm up and Practice: Before diving into the song, warm up your vocal cords using breathing exercises and vocal warm-ups. Singing Carrots’ Pitch Training exercises can help further enhance your pitch accuracy and vocal agility.
  4. Focus on Technique: Pay close attention to the unique vocal technique used in “Mighty to Save.” This song involves controlled power, subtle vocal nuances, and expressive vocal dynamics. Singing Carrots’ articles on breathing basics, voice registers, breath support, and open mouth techniques can provide valuable insights for improving your technique.
  5. Embrace Emotion: “Mighty to Save” is a song that evokes deep emotions. Connect with the song on a personal level and let your emotions shine through your voice. Singing Carrots’ articles on singing with emotion and intuition can help you channel the right emotions while maintaining technical control.

Other Songs with Similar Techniques

“Mighty to Save” is not the only song that utilizes the unique vocal technique mentioned above. Several other popular songs incorporate similar vocal techniques, including:

Singing Carrots Resources for Further Learning

To enhance your singing skills and continue your vocal journey, explore the following Singing Carrots resources:

  • Vocal Pitch Monitor: Use this tool to visualize your sung notes on a virtual piano and improve your pitch accuracy.
  • Song Search: Find songs that match your vocal range, difficulty level, and genre preferences.
  • Artist Vocal Ranges: Discover the vocal ranges of over 5000 famous singers, which can inspire you and help you explore different vocal techniques.
  • Singing Course: Enroll in Singing Carrots’ comprehensive 21-lesson singing course to enhance your singing skills, learn singing theory, and gain practical tips for improvement.

Congratulations on embarking on your journey to learn and sing “Mighty to Save” by Laura Story. By applying the practical tips and utilizing Singing Carrots resources, you’ll develop the necessary skills and technique to deliver a powerful and heartfelt rendition of this beautiful worship song. Keep practicing, embrace your passion, and enjoy the journey of becoming a better singer!