How to Learn Singing “Mockingbird” from Eminem

When tackling Eminem’s hit song “Mockingbird”, it’s important to understand the unique vocal techniques in play. Primarily, quick enunciation and borderline speech-level singing define Eminem’s style. Let’s delve into how you can effectively learn to sing this song.

Understanding Your Voice

Analyzing your voice is the first step. Use the Vocal range test to understand your range, and then compare it to Eminem’s vocal range. This will give you a clear idea of the adjustments needed to comfortably sing “Mockingbird”.

Articulation and Speech-Level Singing

Eminem’s rap style hinges on excellent articulation and quick enunciation of words. Check out this article on Articulation for a detailed understanding. The video Finger Bite will help you with lip positioning for better articulation.

Speech-level singing, which adopts a speaking-like pitch level, plays a significant role in Eminem’s style. Particular to rap music, it aids in maintaining the naturally resonant quality of the voice. Our Voice types article explains this concept in detail.

Practicing the Song

Effective song learning techniques can help here. While practicing, use the Vocal Pitch Monitor to ensure you stay on pitch. Plus, the Pitch Training tool can assist in honing your pitch accuracy.

Suitable Songs

Discover other songs with comparable vocal techniques. Use the Song Search feature, selected for quick enunciation and speech-level singing styles, to find matching selections.

Perfecting Your Singing

Beyond singing “Mockingbird”, our Educational Singing Course is a comprehensive guide for everyday singing improvement. It provides 21 lessons covering singing theory, practical tips, and more.