How to Learn Singing “Mother” from Charlie Puth

The song “Mother” by Charlie Puth showcases Puth’s exemplary contemporary pop style vocals. He creatively uses mix voice, falsetto, and twanging technique, which are popular in many pop and R&B songs. The song offers an excellent example of modern vocal technique and the unique style of Puth’s vocals.

To sing “Mother” like Charlie, we will focus on understanding vocal techniques he used, such as mix voice and twang. We highly recommend reading this article about voice registers to understand what mix voice and falsetto are.

Before jumping into the song, warm up your vocal cords. Use our
3 Minute Warm Up video, which is perfect to get started. Now, let’s dive into the main vocal techniques of the song.

Puth smoothly transitions between chest, mix, and falsetto voice throughout “Mother”. Learn these transitions with this Mixed Voice video. Try to remember, singing isn’t about straining your voice, but rather forming a smooth connection between registers.

When Puth belts high notes, he adds “twang”, a technique producing bright and penetrating sound without strain. Learn this technique with the How to Twang Exercise video and apply it in the belted parts of the song.

After absorbing all these techniques, sing along with the track. To sing on pitch, use our Vocal Pitch Monitor. If you happen to go off pitch, this article should help you understand why it happens and how to avoid it.

Finally, once you feel comfortable with the vocals, learn the lyrics and melody. Use our Song search to find the song “Mother” and sing along with the karaoke version. This way, you will practice both the lyrics and melody, alongside the vocal techniques you learned.

Songs like Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River” or Bruno Mars’ “Versace on the Floor” also use similar mix voice and twang techniques. Once you master “Mother”, you could explore these songs too.

Remember, the key is to keep practicing. Use our interactive vocal warm-ups and exercises for regular practice. Happy singing!