How to Learn Singing “Mother Knows Best” from Donna Murphy

How to Learn Singing “Mother Knows Best” by Donna Murphy

Learning to sing a particular song can be an exciting and rewarding experience. In this article, we will explore how to learn singing “Mother Knows Best” by Donna Murphy. This iconic song is from the Disney film “Tangled” and showcases Donna Murphy’s unique vocal techniques.

Understanding the Song

Before diving into learning the song, it’s important to understand its musical and emotional elements. “Mother Knows Best” is a villainous solo that requires a versatile vocal range and acting skills to portray the character effectively.

Unique Vocal Technique

One of the standout features of this song is Donna Murphy’s use of vocal control and character portrayal. She skillfully transitions between powerful chest voice and sharp twang, emphasizing the manipulative nature of the character Mother Gothel. This vocal technique adds depth and intensity to the performance.

Notable examples of similar vocal techniques can be found in other musical theatre songs, such as “Defying Gravity” from “Wicked,” performed by Idina Menzel, and “I Dreamed a Dream” from “Les Misérables,” performed by Anne Hathaway.

Practical Steps to Learn the Song

To effectively learn and perform “Mother Knows Best,” follow these practical steps:

  1. Listen to the original song multiple times to familiarize yourself with the melody, lyrics, and musical nuances.
  2. Study the vocal range of the song. Singing Carrots’ Vocal Range Test can help determine if it suits your voice.
  3. Work on basic vocal techniques such as voice analysis, voice classification, breathing basics, and voice registers.
  4. Pay special attention to breath support and the importance of opening the mouth and throat while singing to achieve the desired vocal quality.
  5. Practice vocal warm-ups and exercises using Singing Carrots’ Pitch Training tool to improve pitch accuracy and agility.
  6. Use Singing Carrots’ song search feature to find songs that match your vocal range, difficulty level, and genre preference. This can help you expand your repertoire and further refine your vocal skills.
  7. Take advantage of Singing Carrots’ vocal ranges of famous singers resource to study the vocal techniques of other artists and gain inspiration.


Learning “Mother Knows Best” by Donna Murphy requires dedication, practice, and a deep understanding of the song’s vocal and emotional nuances. By incorporating the practical steps and utilizing Singing Carrots’ resources, you can approach learning this song with confidence and develop your singing skills as well.