How to Learn Singing “Mucky Fingers” from Oasis

Learning to Sing: “Mucky Fingers” by Oasis

Oasis’s “Mucky Fingers” employs unique combination of vocal techniques that contribute to its iconic sound. To learn this song, we need to focus on a few key elements.

Vocal Range

Begin by identifying your vocal range with this Vocal Range Test. The vocal range for “Mucky Fingers” is mostly within a baritone’s typical range. If the song is out of your range, don’t worry! You can adjust the key to your comfort zone.


Liam Gallagher’s vocals in “Mucky Fingers” is marked by its strong articulation. Refine your own articulation skills with our articulation guide and this Finger Bite Exercise.

Unique Vocal Technique: Twang

“Twang” – a vocal technique often used in Rock music for its distinctive bright, edgy sound – is prevalent in “Mucky Fingers.” For more about Twang and how to use it, check our article and the How to Twang exercise. Other popular songs using Twang include “Highway To Hell” by AC/DC and “Which Way is Home?” by Billy Raffoul.

Pitch Accuracy and Breath Support

Ensure your pitch accuracy with our Pitch Accuracy Test. “Mucky Fingers” requires strong breath support to maintain the stamina needed throughout the song. Explore our breath support guide for useful advice.

In conclusion, learning “Mucky Fingers” is a fun way to explore Vocal Twang and Articulation techniques. Put these advice into practice with our Pitch Training Educational Singing Game and remember to keep your practice consistent. Happy singing!