How to Learn Singing “My Romance” from Frank Sinatra

Mastering ‘My Romance’ by Frank Sinatra

Learning to sing “My Romance” by Frank Sinatra involves more than just knowing the lyrics and melody. Sinatra’s unique vocal technique is what gave his rendition its magic, and it’s this technique that we’ll be focusing on. He employed a technique known as legato, a smooth and connected style of singing without noticeable breaks between notes. You can observe this technique in other popular Sinatra songs such as “Fly Me To The Moon” and “Strangers in the Night”.

To master legato, you first need to understand your voice. Learn how to analyze your voice with this guide. After that, get to know your vocal range through our online Vocal range test. It’s crucial to understand that Sinatra, known for his baritone voice, comfortably sang “My Romance” in this lower range.

Next, legato technique requires excellent breath control. Start by understanding the basics of breathing here and learn how breath support influences your singing here. To improve your breath control, try the Farinelli Breathing exercise.

The legato technique is best achieved by singing in a relaxed and open manner. This means that the throat and mouth should be opened wide. To understand why an open mouth & throat is essential while singing, read this guide. Further, a smooth legato line typically involves lesser pronunciation; this means consonants should be slightly softened. For better understanding, check out this article on articulation.

Lastly, Sinatra’s singing involves not just skills, but also emotion. He doesn’t merely sing the notes, he communicates the song. To bring the song to life, uncover in our articles how you can sing with intuition, skills, emotion, and thinking and find your authentic voice.

To practice, use the Vocal Pitch Monitor tool to see the notes you’re singing and improve your pitch accuracy by taking our Pitch accuracy test.

Learning to sing “My Romance” is a journey, but with these tools and resources, you’ll discover the essence of Sinatra’s magic in your own voice.