How to Learn Singing “Naked as We Came” from Iron & Wine

Learning ‘Naked as We Came’ by Iron & Wine

‘Naked as We Came,’ by Iron & Wine, is a beautifully poignant folk song. The song relies heavily on the ‘Heavy Modal’ singing technique, which is a style common in folk, country, blues, and similar genres. It invokes a rich, deep vocal quality, essential for capturing the soulful tone of this song. Other popular songs that use this technique include ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’ by John Denver and ‘The Sound of Silence’ by Simon & Garfunkel.

Understanding the heavy modal technique

The Heavy Modal technique is unforced, relaxed, and leverages the lower registers for a rich, chesty sound. It’s about allowing your natural voice to resonate deeply within your chest cavity. A full understanding of this technique can be found on our article about contemporary vocal techniques.

Reasons to learn this song

‘Naked as We Came’ provides a great opportunity to experiment and develop your Heavy Modal technique. Singing this song can also help enrich your lower vocal palette and improve your breath control due to its relaxed and sustained phrases.

The Singing Carrots Approach

1. Determine Your Vocal Range

First, identify your vocal range with our vocal range test. Although ‘Naked as We Came’ predominantly uses the Heavy Modal technique in lower registers, having a clear understanding of your vocal range will facilitate your singing journey.

2. Learn the Song

Start by listening to the song to familiarize yourself with its melody, rhythm, lyrical content, and emotional context. Break down the song into smaller, manageable parts and work on them individually. Use our article on learning a new song effectively for detailed guidelines.

3. Apply the Heavy Modal Technique

Now, apply the Heavy Modal technique to each part. Don’t be discouraged if it feels difficult initially; remember, singing should never hurt. If you find it challenging, our article on Heavy Modal will provide some insights and tips.

4. Practice Regularly

Consistent practice is key to mastering any song. Schedule practice sessions daily, if possible. Start with our 3-minute warm-up exercise to ensure your vocal cords are ready for the day!