How to Learn Singing “New Light” from John Mayer

Mastering John Mayer’s “New Light”

John Mayer’s song, “New Light“, presents a unique opportunity to master a variety of vocal techniques, notably the mixed voice, in a contemporary pop context. Mixed voice is a blend of chest and head voice, giving you control, flexibility, and a pleasing tone.

Understanding Mixed Voice

To understand and replicate this vocal technique effectively, it’s important to comprehend the nuances of voice registers. Once you’re familiar with the distinctions between different voice types, you can work on transitioning between them smoothly, eliminating the vocal break.

Application in “New Light”

In “New Light”, Mayer effortlessly moves in and out of his mixed voice, delivering a flawless performance. The seamless transitions in the verses remind us of his vocal versatility. This technique isn’t exclusive to Mayer — artists like Sam Smith in “Stay With Me” and Bruno Mars in “Just the Way You Are” use mixed voice frequently.

Practicing the Mixed Voice

To master the mixed voice, start by recognizing and working with your vocal range. Then use specific exercises involving your chest voice and head voice.

Here’s a useful exercise that can help, Mixed Voice.

Keeping your Voice Healthy

While practicing, it’s crucial to maintain good vocal health. Maintain a good posture, don’t strain your voice and remember, continuous practice is the only way to attain Mayer’s level of vocal proficiency.


While learning to sing “New Light”, remember the importance of enjoying the process. Don’t rush, give yourself time to understand, learn, and eventually master the mixed voice technique. Listen to the song multiple times, practice with our Vocal Pitch Monitor, and most importantly, have fun practicing!