How to Learn Singing “Nightingale” from Norah Jones

Learning to Sing “Nightingale” by Norah Jones

“Nightingale” by Norah Jones is a beautiful song with a unique application of vocal technique. This tutorial will explore these vocal techniques and explain how to learn to sing this song effectively.

Vocal Technique: Breath Support and Lower Passaggio

Jones employs breath support extensively in “Nightingale,” as she does in many of her songs. This technique involves using the air stored within the lungs to control and support the voice. Learn more about this in our breath support article.

Another vocal technique used in “Nightingale” is singing through the lower passaggio. This transition area, also known as a ‘vocal break’, is where the voice naturally wants to switch from chest voice to head voice. In “Nightingale”, Jones smoothly transitions through this area, creating a soft, flowing sound. Our voice registers article is a great resource to understand this technique better.

Getting Started

To begin learning “Nightingale”, use the vocal range test to ensure the song suits your vocal range. Also, start by learning the song’s melody and lyrics. You can find all of these in our song search tool.

Aspect of articulation becomes important when learning the nuances of Jones’s singing style, particularly in terms of pitch control. Exercise this with our pitch accuracy test.

Practicing “Nightingale”

Now, it’s time to practice singing “Nightingale”. Start with our 3 Minute Warm Up video.

When practicing the song, focus on each verse and chorus separately before attempting the full song. Utilize our vocal pitch monitor to ensure you’re hitting the correct pitches.

Listen carefully to how Jones transitions through the vocal break areas to harness your ability to sing through the lower passaggio. The chest voice explained video will be a useful resource for this.

In Conclusion

Learning to sing “Nightingale” by Norah Jones is a great way to improve breath control and learn to navigate your lower passaggio effectively. With consistent practice, you’ll be mastering these techniques in no time. Remember to take care of your vocal health and keep expanding your vocal abilities. Check out our educational singing course for more.