How to Learn Singing “No More Heroes” from The Stranglers

Learning to Sing “No More Heroes” by The Stranglers

With its oscillating energy and unique vocal style, The Stranglers’ “No More Heroes” offers singers an excellent platform for practicing and improving vocal distortion.

Vocal Techniques

The signature style of The Stranglers’ lead singer, Hugh Cornwell, features a kind of gritty, distorted vocal sound that adds texture and character to their music. This vocal distortion is also popular in several other songs like “Sweet Child O’ Mine” of Guns N’ Roses and Kurt Cobain’s parts in “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

How to Achieve Vocal Distortion

Vocal distortion happens when the vocal folds and false vocal folds come together, creating a certain kind of friction. Remember to keep this controlled; strain can cause damage to your vocal cords.

Pitch and Key

Determining your range is crucial in singing “No More Heroes” as the grittier sound requires a strong control over your range. Use the pitch monitor to visualize your singing and see how accurately you hit the notes.

Learning the Song

Start by listening to the original version of the track multiple times to familiarize yourself with the melody, rhythm, and the unique vocal style. You can also use the Song search tool to find the lyrics, chords, and other useful resources.

Applying the Technique

After you’ve grown comfortable with the song, try adding the vocal distortion while paying attention to pitch accuracy. Again, make sure not to strain your voice. Avoid constriction and always practice with a warm-up, such as Finger Bite exercises for articulation.

Further Practice

Feel free to experiment with other songs that utilize vocal distortion. Remember that practice helps. Voice registers and breathing techniques could also be of help.


Mastering the technique of vocal distortion typified in “No More Heroes” can add a new dimension to your singing. Yet remember, it’s always about having fun, being comfortable, and expressing yourself. Happy singing!