How to Learn Singing “Once and for All” from Newsies (1992)

Learning to Sing “Once and for All” from Newsies (1992)

If you’re interested in learning to sing “Once and for All” from the 1992 movie Newsies, clear articulation and breath control are key vocal techniques used in this powerful ensemble number. Let’s dive into these techniques, and see how you can apply them to this song and others.


Articulation in singing determines how clearly we pronounce words. In “Once and for All,” rapid fire lyrics demand intricate wordplay, requiring singers to articulate well to ensure the message of the song is understood. For clear pronunciation, techniques such as the ‘Finger Bite’ exercise are helpful. It can help improve your articulation not only in “Once and for All” but also in popular songs with quick lyrics such as “The Schuyler Sisters” from Hamilton.

Breath Control

Good breath control is essential to sustain longer phrases common in “Once and for All.” It’s also crucial for modulating dynamics, allowing you to belt high notes powerfully and sustain soft notes sweetly. Practice exercises, like ‘Farinelli Breathing’, can increase lung capacity and train controlled exhaling. This skill is similarly important in classic musical numbers like “Defying Gravity” from Wicked.

Resources to Learn “Once and for All”

To learn and practice “Once and for All,” use the following Singing Carrots tools:

  • Song Search: to find the sheet music, chords, and karaoke versions of the song.
  • Vocal Range Test: to understand if the song fits your vocal range.
  • Singing Course: to gain insights into singing theory and ideas for effective practice.
  • Pitch Training: to visualize and improve your pitch accuracy.

“Once and for All” is a song that challenges your articulation and breath control, but with practice and perseverance, you’ll be singing it with flair and confidence faster than you expect.