How to Learn Singing “Opportunity” from Annie (2014)

Learning to Sing “Opportunity” from the Movie Annie (2014)

“Opportunity” is a powerful and emotionally charged song, and learning to sing it can help you improve various vocal techniques. Noteworthy is the heavy use of belting, a popular contemporary technique that creates a powerful, resonant sound.

Step 1: Analyzing Your Voice

Start by identifying your own vocal range with this Vocal Range Test. “Opportunity” ranges from B3 to E5, which is typical for Mezzo-Sopranos or Sopranos. Learn more about Voice Types here.

Step 2: Mastering Belting

Belting plays a crucial role in delivering the powerful emotions of this song. Other popular songs using belting are “Chandelier” by Sia or “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” by Jennifer Hudson. Watch this video on How to Belt to practice this technique.

Step 3: Practising the Song

Use our Vocal Pitch Monitor to see your sung notes and practice singing in pitch with the instrumentation. Also, use the Educational Singing Game to enhance your pitch accuracy.

Step 4: Emotion and Performance

“Opportunity” is an emotional piece and knowing how to express the emotion is as important as singing the right notes. Check out our article on Singing with Emotion and the video on Stage Tips for essential performance advice.

Step 5: Implement and Review

As you grow comfortable with the song, continually review and attempt to improve your performance. Remember that great singers continuously analyze their voices and work on their weaknesses. Read our article How to Analyze Your Voice for tips on self-improvement.

In conclusion, singing “Opportunity” with its belting requirement can be a great chance to become a better singer. Enjoy the process and remember, practice makes perfect!