How to Learn Singing “Other Side of the Game” from Erykah Badu

Learning to Sing “Other Side of the Game” by Erykah Badu

“Other Side of the Game” is a soulful masterpiece by Erykah Badu. The song requires a mastery of breath control to emulate Badu’s distinctive style. While learning this song, you will be using a soft, low chest voice register, focusing on resonance and breath control.

Analyze Your Voice

Before beginning, it’s important to analyze your voice and understand your vocal type. With this understanding, you can more effectively align your voice with the requirements of the song.

Vocal Technique: Chest Voice & Breath Control

Primarily, “Other Side of the Game” is sung in a low, melodic chest voice. This requires careful control of your breath support. To master this, check out our guide on breath support. Also, perform Farinelli breathing exercises to further enhance your breath control.

Resonance and Articulation

Badu uses resonance to give her vocals a warm, rich tone. Our guide on resonance in singing will help you to develop this. Pay attention to articulation to make your performance crisp and comprehensible. Here is a video that will assist you.

Practice Effectively and Healthy

Use our guide on learning a song effectively to structure your practice. Ensure to maintain vocal health throughout your practice sessions by following our recommended good habits.

Performing “Other Side of the Game”

Embodying the emotion of the song is crucial for an authentic performance. Our articles on how to find your own authentic voice and performance tips will guide you through this.

Similar Songs

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