How to Learn Singing “Over My Head (Cable Car)” from The Fray

How to Learn Singing “Over My Head (Cable Car)” by The Fray

Learning to sing a particular song requires a combination of technical proficiency, emotional connection, and effective practice. In this article, we will explore how to learn and perform “Over My Head (Cable Car)” by The Fray, highlighting the unique vocal techniques used in the song and providing practical advice to help you master it.

Analyzing Your Voice and Identifying Your Voice Type

Before diving into learning the song, it’s important to analyze your voice and identify your voice type. Understanding your vocal range and voice characteristics will help you adapt the song to suit your capabilities. Singing Carrots provides a Vocal Range Test (link) to determine your vocal range and compare it with famous singers.

Mastering Vocal Technique: Chest Voice and Mixed Voice

“Over My Head (Cable Car)” showcases the use of both chest voice and mixed voice. The verses are sung predominantly in the chest voice, providing a solid and grounded foundation to the melody. The chorus, on the other hand, transitions into the mixed voice, creating a fuller and more powerful sound.

To develop your chest voice and mixed voice, Singing Carrots offers a variety of resources:

  • – Articles like “Voice Registers & Vocal Break” (link) and “Chest Voice Explained” (link) provide detailed explanations and exercises to help you understand and control your voice registers.
  • – The video “Voice Break” (link) demonstrates how to navigate through the vocal break smoothly and efficiently.

Breathing and Breath Support

Proper breathing and breath support are crucial for singing this song with control and power. Singing Carrots provides articles like “Breathing Basics” (link) and “Breath Support” (link) to help you understand the fundamental principles of breath control.

Articulation and Emotional Expression

To effectively convey the emotions of “Over My Head (Cable Car)” and deliver a compelling performance, focus on articulation and emotional expression. Singing Carrots offers an article on “Articulation” (link), which provides guidance on enunciating words clearly and conveying the intended meaning.

Practicing and Monitoring Your Progress

Consistent practice is key to mastering any song. Singing Carrots provides resources to help you monitor your progress and improve your singing:

  • – The Vocal Pitch Monitor (link) allows you to visualize the notes you sing on a virtual piano, helping you identify areas for improvement.
  • – The Pitch Training tool (link) provides interactive exercises and vocal warm-ups to enhance your pitch accuracy and agility.
  • – The Progress Statistics feature tracks your singing improvement over time, helping you stay motivated and focused on your goals.

Song Selection and Resources

Once you feel comfortable with the vocal techniques required for “Over My Head (Cable Car)”, you can explore Singing Carrots’ Song Search tool (link) to find other songs that match your vocal range and genre preferences. Additionally, you can browse the Vocal Ranges of Famous Singers (link) to see how other artists utilize similar vocal techniques.


Learning “Over My Head (Cable Car)” by The Fray requires a combination of technical skill, emotional expression, and effective practice. By analyzing your voice, mastering vocal techniques, understanding breath support, and practicing with the help of Singing Carrots’ resources, you can improve your singing ability and deliver a captivating performance. So start learning and have fun!