How to Learn Singing “OverHeated” from Billie Eilish

Learning to Sing “OverHeated” by Billie Eilish

“OverHeated” is an iconic song by Billie Eilish, known for its relaxed vocal style and soft spoken word technique. Mastering this song means capturing not only the distinctive vocal features of the original performer but also bringing your own interpretation into the mix.

1. Understand Your Voice and the Song’s Requirements

Billie Eilish’s vocal style in “OverHeated” relies on a soft, intimate tone, mostly in the modal register at a comfortable middle range for her voice type. Use our Vocal range test and Voice types article to understand if this song is within your comfortable vocal range.

2. Get Familiar with the Song

Once you understand your voice, start learning the song. Go through the lyrics and melody, use our Search songs tool to find “OverHeated,” and gather all related resources.

3. Capture the Mood and Technique

Billie’s restrained, nearly whispered singing is a challenge for controlling breath support and mastering fine-tuned dynamics. Our Breath Support article and Farinelli Breathing video will help you build the necessary skill.

4. Sing with Emotion

One of the things that makes Billie’s performances powerful is the emotional authenticity she conveys. To make this song your own, connect with the lyrics and bring your authentic voice. Our article on Singing with intuition, skills, emotion, and thinking can guide you.

5. Practice

Finally, it’s time for practice. Make use of our Pitch Training tool to check your pitch accuracy, and our Vocal Pitch Monitor to see your sung notes on a virtual piano.

6. Review and Improve

Evaluate your progress by recording your performance and listen for any pitch inaccuracies or inconsistencies. Our Why do you sing out of pitch article can guide you in making necessary adjustments.

This style of singing can also be seen in other songs of Billie Eilish such as ‘Ocean Eyes’ and ‘Bad Guy’. Mastering this style will help you jam all your favorite Billie’s songs.