How to Learn Singing “People Are Crazy” from Billy Currington

Learning to Sing “People Are Crazy” by Billy Currington

“People Are Crazy” is a song known for its storytelling charm. Mastering this song is all about understanding the unique vocal techniques used by Billy Currington.

Finding your Voice Type

Before you start singing any song, it’s important to know your own voice type. Use this guide to identify your voice type. Now, compare your voice range with Billy Currington’s using our database of artist vocal ranges.

Understanding the Song’s Techniques

Billy’s rendition of “People Are Crazy” includes a storytelling approach where he captures the narrative with a relaxed vocal delivery. Developing breath support will help maintain this relaxed style. Learn about breathing basics for singing.

Developing your Pitch Accuracy

For an accurate pitch, Billy song slurs notes together and accentuates certain lyrics for dramatic effect. Test your pitch accuracy here, and then use our Pitch Training exercises to improve.

Effective Practicing

Now, apply what you’ve learned. Break the song into digestible sections and learn how to practice effectively. Don’t forget to maintain good posture; find out how posture affects your singing.

This relaxed Country narrative style is also common in songs by artists like Toby Keith and Josh Turner. Keep practicing and maybe you can add them to your playlist too.