How to Learn Singing “People Get Ready” from Eva Cassidy

Mastering “People Get Ready” by Eva Cassidy

“People Get Ready” by Eva Cassidy is a beloved masterpiece due to its soulful interpretation and distinct vocal technique. One of the unique features of this song is the inspirational use of the vibrato technique, contributing to its poignant and emotive quality.

Step 1: Understanding Your Voice

First, understand your voice’s unique characteristics using the vocal range test and voice analysis. By doing this, you can then compare your voice type to Eva Cassidy’s wide-ranging vocal range and versatility.

Step 2: Learn the Lyrics and Melody

Start by learning the song’s lyrics and melody. Once internalised, use the pitch accuracy test for feedback on your interpretation of the song.

Step 3: Master Vibrato

After getting the basics, dive into the vibrato technique. This controls the pitch’s natural oscillations, adding depth and richness to the singing. Watch this vibrato exercise video to get started.

Step 4: Practice Emotive Singing

This song requires a strong emotional connection. Expressing genuine emotion in singing can be enhanced by watching this emotion-control/performing video for a practical guide.

Vibrato is not only unique to “People Get Ready”, it is also a recognisable feature in songs like “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley and “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele. It is worth learning this technique as it will be useful in many other songs as well.

Step 5: Perform the Song

Now that you have learned the song and applied the vibrato technique, it’s time to perform. To gain confidence, read about overcoming stage fright and performance tips.

Step 6: Evaluate Your Progress

Finally, use the Vocal Pitch Monitor to track your pitch accuracy and vibrato control while singing the song. You can also use the Pitch Training tool to continue improving your pitch over time.

Learning to sing “People Get Ready” by Eva Cassidy is a rewarding journey that helps you to master the vibrato technique while connecting emotionally with the song. What are you waiting for? Start your journey to vocal mastery today.