How to Learn Singing “Picture To Burn” from Taylor Swift

Learning to Sing ‘Picture to Burn’ by Taylor Swift

‘Picture to Burn’ is an expressive country-pop song by Taylor Swift, offering a catchy melody wrapped in an emotional narrative. To sing this song effectively, you need to understand its unique vocal technique: Twang.

What is Twang?

Twang is a contemporary vocal technique used to add spice to your sound by creating a bright, focused tone. The metallic sound produced is distinct, helping your voice cut through the song’s instrumental backdrop. It’s also an influential technique in country music, used by artists like Dolly Parton, and pop singers like Katy Perry.

Learning to Sing with Twang

Mastering Twang requires practice. Start by watching the How to Twang Exercise video. It’ll guide you through vocal exercises that will help you apply Twang to your singing.

Preparing to Sing ‘Picture to Burn’

Before beginning, use our Vocal range test to check if you could comfortably sing this song.

Use the ‘How to Learn a Song Effectively’ article to introduce yourself to the main methods and phases of efficient song-learning.

Also, practice with Pitch Training to enhance your ability to hit each note accurately.

Practicing ‘Picture to Burn’

An essential part of practicing this song is to listen to it attentively and note when and where Twang is used. Replicate Twang in the song, give it your all during the chorus, and stay connected with the narrative to express the emotions powerfully.

Keep checking your progress using the Vocal Pitch Monitor. This will help ensure that you’re hitting the right notes and adding Twang effectively.


‘Picture to Burn’ is an anthem of resilience and strength. Singing it requires emotional connection and control. By understanding Twang, practicing diligently using the recommended resources, you’ll be well on your way to performing this song like Taylor Swift herself.