How to Learn Singing “Popscene” from Blur

Learning to Sing “Popscene” by Blur

Blur’s “Popscene” is a song that demands energy and vocal agility. Notable for its cheerful melody and catchy rhythm, the song’s delivery requires a blended use of voice registers and a dash of vocal distortion for an authentic rock vibe. Let’s delve into how you can learn to sing this engaging track.

Identifying Your Vocal Range

Before tackling “Popscene”, it’s crucial to determine your vocal range. Damon Albarn, Blur’s lead vocalist, has a baritone voice and often employs falsetto to reach high notes. If your vocal range aligns with Albarn’s, then practicing “Popscene” will likely feel comfortable.

Mastering Vocal Registers

This song switches between chest voice and head voice. To smoothly navigate these changes, practice exercises to understand your voice registers better and use them effectively.

Vocal Distortion

“Popscene” fuses pop with a hint of rock. That “rockiness” comes from slight vocal distortion on specific lyrics. You can learn more on how to safely use this technique in this article.

Practical Tips and Exercises

For a comprehensive approach to learning “Popscene”, start with a warm-up exercise. And remember, practicing this song will be easier if you’re already comfortable with blurting out lyrics fast. This guide on articulation will help with that.

Next, dive into the vocal distortion technique. Start by learning the theory and then advance to practical exercises like this Growling Exercise.

Practice Makes Perfect

To polish your performance, use the Vocal Pitch Monitor tool. It provides real-time visual feedback of the notes you sing and helps improve pitch accuracy.

Finally, don’t forget to have fun! Blur’s “Popscene” is an energetic and upbeat song that is meant to be enjoyed while singing – so make sure your practice sessions mimic that. Happy singing!