How to Learn Singing “Pumped Up Kicks” from Foster The People

How to Learn Singing Foster The People’s “Pumped Up Kicks”

If you’re a fan of Foster The People and you want to learn how to sing their hit song “Pumped Up Kicks,” you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll break down the unique vocal techniques used in the song and provide practical advice to help you master it. We’ll also highlight other popular songs that use similar vocal techniques.

The Vocal Technique in “Pumped Up Kicks”

One of the unique aspects of “Pumped Up Kicks” is its laid-back, conversational vocal style. The song is characterized by a blend of singing and spoken word sections, giving it a cool and relaxed vibe. To truly capture the essence of the song, it’s important to focus on the following vocal techniques:

Vocal Tone and Dynamics:

The verses in “Pumped Up Kicks” require a soft, intimate vocal tone. It’s essential to maintain a relaxed and controlled approach to achieve the desired effect. Pay attention to the dynamics of the song, emphasizing the subtle shifts from softer to louder sections.

Articulation and Phrasing:

Foster The People’s lead singer, Mark Foster, has a distinct way of delivering the lyrics in “Pumped Up Kicks.” Pay attention to his articulation and phrasing, which adds a unique rhythm and flow to the song. This technique helps to convey the story and emotions behind the lyrics.

Breath Control:

“Pumped Up Kicks” has a steady rhythmic pattern, and maintaining proper breath control is crucial. Focus on controlling your breath during the longer phrases and ensure smooth transitions between the sung and spoken sections of the song.

Practical Advice for Learning “Pumped Up Kicks”

To help you learn and master the song, we’ve compiled some practical advice and resources from Singing Carrots:

1. Warm up your voice:

Before diving into the song, it’s important to warm up your voice. Use the 3 Minute Warm Up video from Singing Carrots to prepare your vocal cords.

2. Analyze your voice:

Understanding your vocal range and voice type can greatly enhance your singing. Read the article on Voice Types to learn more about classifying your voice.

3. Practice breath control:

“Breath Support” is crucial for singing any song effectively. Read the article on Breath Support to improve your breath control.

4. Work on articulation and phrasing:

Articulation exercises can help you improve your delivery and rhythm. Utilize the Finger Bite exercise from Singing Carrots to enhance your articulation.

5. Learn from related vocal techniques:

“Pumped Up Kicks” shares vocal techniques with other popular songs. Dive into the article on Contemporary Vocal Techniques to explore those techniques and expand your repertoire.

6. Use the Vocal Pitch Monitor:

Singing Carrots offers a Vocal Pitch Monitor tool that allows you to see the notes you sing on a virtual piano. Utilize this tool to practice pitch accuracy.

7. Track your progress:

Singing Carrots provides progress statistics to help you monitor your singing improvement. Keep track of your progress as you learn and master “Pumped Up Kicks.”