How to Learn Singing “Revelation Song” from Kari Jobe

Learning to Sing ‘Revelation Song’ by Kari Jobe

‘Revelation Song’ by Kari Jobe is a powerful contemporary Christian song that offers unique vocal techniques to master. One of these is the use of vocal dynamics in addressing the emotional breadth of the song. Here are steps to help you learn this song with key focus on dynamics.

Determine Your Vocal Capability

Begin your journey by taking the Vocal range test to analyze your voice and compare it to Kari Jobe’s range.

Master The Melody

Use the Pitch accuracy test to get comfortable with the melody, nailing the right notes, and shifting dynamics without straining your vocal cords.

Understand and Practice Dynamics

One of the defining characteristics of ‘Revelation Song’ is its use of dynamics. Refer to our article on Articulation to understand how changing vocal dynamics adds emotional depth to the song.

Start with the softer verses, gradually building your intensity towards the chorus. For practical exercises, use our Pitch Training tool.

Song Analysis

‘Revelation Song’ uses an ‘intensity arc’ technique. It starts with softer verses, builds to a powerful chorus, then returns to soft intensity after the peak. Many songs such as ‘Someone Like You’ by Adele use this technique.

Vocal Health

Importantly, remember to maintain proper vocal health. Our guide on Vocal Health provides many useful tips. Warm up before each session and drink plenty of water to keep your vocal cords hydrated.

Performing ‘Revelation Song’

When you’re ready, practice performing the song. Check out our tips for performing on stage. ‘Revelation Song’ is not just about pitching notes correctly; it’s about conveying raw emotion and spiritual connection. Use our Stage Tips video for guidance.

To help you even further, take our 21-lesson singing course.

By following this guide, you’ll not only learn how to sing ‘Revelation Song’ by Kari Jobe, but you’ll enhance your skills and competency in singing other similar songs.