How to Learn Singing “Ronan” from Taylor Swift

Mastering “Ronan” by Taylor Swift

“Ronan” is a heartfelt tribute by Taylor Swift, where she adopts a unique vocal approach. The technique herein, known as sing-narrative, involves using both singing and spoken-word techniques. Swift uses this to attain an emotional connection. Other famous examples of sing-narrative are in “Millworker” by James Taylor and “The Gift of the Magi” by Broadway.

Understanding Sing-Narrative

This style oscillates between traditional singing and passionate spoken word, often within the same sentence of a song. It offers a way of storytelling that is deeply engaging. The greatest consideration here is maintaining the pitch accuracy even while shifting into a speaking rhythm. To do this effectively, we recommend using our Pitch Accuracy Test.

Revisiting “Ronan”

Before singing “Ronan”, it’s vital to effectively learn the song by listening to it numerous times. Not just to understand the melody and lyrics, but to truly grasp the emotional nuances of the song.

Practicing “Ronan”

In incorporating the sing-narrative technique, start by speaking the lyrics while trying to maintain the melody line. You can use our Vocal Pitch Monitor as a guide through this process. Once comfortable, start introducing traditional singing but make sure to keep the bind with the narrative of the song.

The Right Tone

The tone of the singer is vital in setting the right mood for the song. You can refer to our article on ‘Finding Your Authentic Voice‘ to help you capture that emotional authenticity needed for “Ronan”.

Once you have mastered “Ronan”, it can be helpful to find other songs in your vocal range that use the sing-narrative technique. This will help in expanding your repertoire and, most importantly, further honing this vocal style.

Final Thoughts

“Ronan” is a beautiful song that, when sung correctly, can deeply connect with your audience, but it’s also a great resource to learn the sing-narrative technique. Remember to take care of your vocal health throughout, you can refer to our article on ‘Vocal Health‘ for tips.

Do take this journey one step at a time and remember, the ultimate goal is to connect with the song and share that connection with your audience. Happy practicing!