How to Learn Singing “Route 66” from Nat King Cole

Tackling ‘Route 66’ Sung by Nat King Cole

‘Route 66’, iconic for its smooth Jazz vibes and performed by the legendary Nat King Cole, characterizes a unique singing style incorporating Swing rhythm and Melisma technique.

Understand the Song and Your Voice

Begin by comprehending the song’s structure, lyrics, and melody. Use our Song Search to find ‘Route 66’ and learn about its key attributes. Also, test and understand your voice using voice analysis and vocal range test.

Master the Swing Rhythm

Swing rhythm, a signature element of Jazz, features strong and weak beats forming a rolling rhythm. Practice clapping or tapping to the rhythm to internalize it.

Learn the Melisma Technique

Melisma, singing multiple notes on a single syllable, is liberally employed in ‘Route 66’. Other popular songs using Melisma technique include ‘I Will Always Love You’ by Whitney Houston and ‘Hallelujah’ by Leonard Cohen. We recommend Singing with Intuition, Skills, Emotion & Thinking as a reference.

Neutral Larynx and Breath Support

Neutral larynx position, allowing free and easy sound production, and effective breath support are essential for ‘Route 66’. Learn about and practice them at breath support and open mouth & throat.

Articulate Clearly

Clear articulation enhances the song’s storytelling element. Explore different exercises for improving articulation at Articulation and Finger Bite.

Pitch and Singing Out of Tune

Pitch accuracy is important; tool up with the Pitch Accuracy Test and enrich your knowledge at why do we sing out of pitch?.

Final Steps and Keep Learning

Make full use of Vocal Pitch Monitor and Pitch Training tools. Explore singing theory and practical tips as an enriching next step in your singing journey.