How to Learn Singing “S.O.S.” from Mamma Mia!

Learning to Sing ‘S.O.S.’ from Mamma Mia!

‘S.O.S.’ is a classic song from the musical ‘Mamma Mia!’ that offers budding singers the chance to practice their vocal techniques. Let’s explore how to approach learning this song, focusing on its unique vocal technique – the Heavy Modal.

Heavy Modal Technique in ‘S.O.S.’

The Heavy Modal technique is a specific way to use your vocal cords that features in this song. It provides a powerful, resonant, and full-bodied sound without straining your voice.

The technique involves having your vocal cords meet completely during the phonation, generating a ‘thick’ and heavy sound. This is opposed to the ‘light modal’ where the vocal cords meet less, creating a breathier output. Heavy Modal is commonly used in Pop, Rock, and Musical Theater styles that need strong vocal power and clarity.

Other Songs Using Heavy Modal Technique

Heavy Modal isn’t unique to ‘S.O.S’; it’s utilized in other popular songs too. Queen’s pwer ballad, ‘We Are The Champions’, and the inspiring ‘Fight Song’ by Rachel Platten also provide fantastic examples.

Tips for Learning ‘S.O.S.’

To begin, understand your own vocal range so you know which notes are in your comfort zone. Next, understand the melody and lyrics well. Try using the Vocal Pitch Monitor to help you maintain the correct pitch while singing. Finally, practice the specific vocal technique used in ‘S.O.S.’ – the Heavy Modal.

The key to effectively mastering a song is regular practice. Set aside studio time to sing, and break your practice down into manageable chunks. Focus on parts of the song that are challenging, be it the melody, lyrics, or the Heavy Modal technique.

Final Thoughts

The journey of learning a song like ‘S.O.S.’ is enriching, and the feeling of achievement when you finally nail it can’t be compared. Take it step by step, employ the useful tools from Singing Carrots, and most importantly, enjoy the process!

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