How to Learn Singing “S.O.S.” from Rihanna

How to Learn Singing Rihanna’s “S.O.S.”

Learning to sing a specific song like Rihanna’s “S.O.S.” can be both challenging and rewarding. In this article, we will guide you through the process of learning and mastering this song, highlighting the unique vocal technique used by Rihanna and mentioning other popular songs that incorporate similar techniques.

Step 1: Vocal Analysis

Before diving into learning the song, it’s essential to analyze your own voice and determine your vocal range. Singing Carrots offers a Vocal Range Test that compares your range to famous singers, giving you an idea of where you stand. Knowing your vocal range will help you adapt the song to your voice.

Step 2: Understanding the Technique

In “S.O.S.”, Rihanna uses a combination of vocal registers to create a unique and powerful sound. She seamlessly switches between her chest voice and head voice, creating a smooth and dynamic performance. Understanding vocal registers is crucial in mastering this technique. Singing Carrots provides an insightful article on voice registers and vocal breaks that will help you grasp the concept and apply it to your singing.

Step 3: Breathing and Breath Support

Breathing properly is essential for maintaining control and sustaining long notes. Singing Carrots offers an article on breath support that explains the basics and provides exercises to strengthen your breath control. Practice these exercises to enhance your performance in “S.O.S.”

Step 4: Open Mouth and Throat

To achieve a powerful and resonant sound, it’s essential to open your mouth and throat while singing. Singing Carrots’ article on opening your mouth and throat provides practical advice and exercises to help you improve your singing technique.

Step 5: Learning the Song

Now that you have a solid foundation, it’s time to learn the song itself. Start by listening to “S.O.S.” multiple times, paying attention to Rihanna’s vocal nuances and the overall structure of the song. Singing Carrots’ article on how to learn a song effectively offers valuable tips on breaking down a song, memorizing lyrics, and practicing with different vocal exercises.

Step 6: Vocal Warm-ups and Pitch Training

Prior to practicing “S.O.S.”, warm up your voice with vocal exercises. Singing Carrots’ Pitch Training offers interactive vocal warm-ups and exercises that will improve your pitch accuracy and vocal agility.

Step 7: Looking for Similar Techniques

Rihanna’s “S.O.S.” showcases a vocal technique that is also used in other popular songs. Singing Carrots’ extensive database on song search allows you to find songs that match your vocal range and style, making it easier to explore and practice similar techniques.


Learning to sing Rihanna’s “S.O.S.” requires patience, practice, and a solid understanding of vocal technique. By following the steps outlined in this article and utilizing the resources provided by Singing Carrots, you’ll be on your way to mastering this popular song. Remember to analyze your voice, understand the technique, work on breathing and mouth position, and practice with warm-ups and pitch training. Happy singing!