How to Learn Singing “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” from Skrillex

Learning “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” by Skrillex

Exploring to sing “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” takes you into a journey through a unique mixing of vocal techniques extensively used in electronic dance music (EDM) – vocal distortion and growling.

Vocal Techniques

Vocal Distortion

Vocal distortion, not to be confused with scream, is a technique that adds “rasp” or “grit” to your singing voice. Essential for rock, metal, and quite creatively applied in the aforementioned EDM song. The vocals are manipulated to mimic the distorted sound you would hear in electric guitars. This guide provides further insights into the subject.


The use of growl in this song is very subtle, yet it adds an interesting dynamic contrast. It’s a technique that’s often employed in genres like extreme metal, blues, and jazz. To learn about safe growling, check out this exercise video.

Learning The Song

Here are the steps you can follow to learn this song:

  1. Analyze the song and divide it into sections. Understanding the song structure helps in mastering the individual parts.
  2. Work on the vocal techniques individually. You can use our pitch training game to work on your pitches, and growling exercise to practice vocal distortion and growling.
  3. Sing along with the track to match the pitch and rhythm. Our vocal pitch monitor will help you visually understand the pitch you’re producing.
  4. Gradually speed up your practice till you can sing at the original speed of the song.

Remember, these techniques require careful practice and it’s important to stop if you feel any discomfort. Always prioritize having a healthy voice (read more about vocal health). A technique well-mastered in a healthy manner opens new horizons in your singing adventure. As you harness these techniques in this song, you’ll find it easier to tackle other songs with similar dynamics such as “Freaks” by Timmy Trumpet and “Internet Friends” by Knife Party.

Happy Singing!

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