How to Learn Singing “SexyBack” from Justin Timberlake

Learning to Sing “SexyBack” by Justin Timberlake

“SexyBack” is a lively dance-pop song that relies heavily on Timberlake’s falsetto. This technique involves singing higher pitches with an airy and slightly breathy voice, which is typical of Timberlake’s style. Notably, falsetto is often used in pop and R&B genres, common in songs like “Sweetest Love” by Robin Thicke or “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees.

Step 1: Familiarize yourself with the song. Listen to “SexyBack” multiple times to get a feel for the melody, rhythm, and dynamic shifts. Try to sing along and focus on the distinctive falsetto technique used by Timberlake. Tips on how to understand the song fully can be found here.

SexyBack Album Art

Step 2: Check if the song suits your vocal range using our Vocal Range Test, then search for other songs matching your vocal abilities with our Song Search tool. To get familiar with various voice types and registers, check out these articles on Voice Types and Voice Registers & Vocal Break.

Step 3: Practice singing the song using our Vocal Pitch Monitor to visualize your sung notes. This will help you perfect the pitch accuracy and tackle intricate melodic lines in the song. You might also find our article on singing out of pitch helpful.

Step 4: Work on your falsetto. This is key to mastering “SexyBack”. Pay attention to breath control, as it forms the basis for a strong and steady falsetto. Read about Breath Support and Breathing Basics to enhance your understanding.

Step 5: Bring emotion and energy into your performance, just like Justin Timberlake. Here’s an article to guide you on how to infuse your singing with intuition, skills, emotion, and thinking.

Step 6: Finally, review your singing progress using our Pitch Accuracy Test.

Remember, patience is key when learning a new song. Each practice will draw you closer to a perfect rendition of Timberlake’s “SexyBack”. Happy singing!