How to Learn Singing “Show Me How To Live” from Audioslave

“Show Me How to Live” by Audioslave is a unique song that offers vocal challenges for any aspiring singer, primarily in its use of vocal distortion or growling, a technique also often used in hard rock and grunge genres.

Understanding Vocal Distortion

The first step towards mastering this technique is to understand what vocal distortion is; it’s the rough, gritty effect that Chris Cornell, the lead vocalist, uses for emotional emphasis. This effect is created by adding extra air pressure and manipulating the false vocal cords. It’s essential to learn and use this technique correctly, as misuse can harm your voice. To dive deeper into this technique, our article “Vocal Distortion & Growling” provides an in-depth understanding.

Mastering Vocal Distortion

Once you’re familiar with the technique, our “How to Growl” exercise video can guide you through safe and effective growling drills.

Identify Your Skills

Before diving into the song, you should identify your vocal range and pitch accuracy. Determining these will help you adapt the song to your voice. Use the Vocal Range Test and Pitch Accuracy Test available on our website.

Song Practice

Listen to the song multiple times and try to imitate the vocal techniques used. Adjust the song’s key if it falls outside of your vocal range. You may find our article “How to learn a song effectively” useful in giving you a strategic approach to learning. Detailed tips about learning songs can be found at How to Learn a Song Effectively.

Vocal Health

Remember that maintaining vocal health is crucial, especially when practicing heavy techniques like vocal distortion. Our article on Vocal Health provides plenty of tips on how to maintain a healthy voice.

In conclusion, learning “Show Me How to Live” can help you master vocal distortion and express intense emotion effectively. Take your time, practice daily, and track your progress!