How to Learn Singing “Silver and Gold” from Burl Ives

Learning ‘Silver and Gold’ by Burl Ives

The song ‘Silver and Gold’ by Burl Ives features a vocal technique focusing on maintaining pitch accuracy, particularly in terms of staccato delivery. It also emphasises delicacy, requiring good breath control to sustain smooth, even note transitions.

Understanding the Technique

The song demands pitch accuracy and precise phrasing. Staccato notes, requiring abrupt beginnings and endings, can be a challenge. Practising this technique will improve your vocal agility and precision.

Mastering the Song

  1. Test Your Vocal Range: Use our Vocal range test to determine your unique comfortable vocal range.
  2. Delivery Accuracy: Take the Pitch accuracy test to assess your ability to hit and maintain the notes in the song.
  3. Phrasing: Notice the particular way Burl Ives delivers each phrase. Using the Vocal Pitch Monitor, sing along and observe your delivery accuracy.
  4. Staccato Practice: Following this articulation exercise, break the lyrics of the song down and sing them in staccato to fine-tune your precision.
  5. Vocal Warm-Up: Begin with the 3 Minute Warm-Up which includes relative pitch training, a core skill in imitating melodies.
  6. Breath Control: The Farinelli Breathing exercise will help develop the breath control needed for smooth transitions and gentle endings in this song.

Take it to the Stage

When you have mastered the unique vocal technique of ‘Silver and Gold’, you might want to try other songs with similar vocals. ‘A Holly Jolly Christmas’ by Burl Ives, or ‘Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer’ by Gene Autry are good options. Use our song search tool to find other songs matching this style and your vocal range.

Elevate Your Performance

Learn how to enhance your stage presence we suggest watching these stage tips on using facial expressions and gestures to communicate. Handling nerves well is equally imperative; our article about overcoming stage fright might be useful.

Continuous Improvement

Finally, make use of Pitch Training – Educational Singing Game which provides detailed feedback on pitch accuracy and timing. This helps in continuously improving your vocal skills.