How to Learn Singing “So I Could Find My Way” from Enya

Learning ‘So I Could Find My Way’ by Enya

Enya’s ‘So I Could Find My Way’ is a melodious piece infused with gliding melismas and soft, breathy tones. Her flowing phrasing and ability to create an ethereal tone makes this song particularly interesting for singers.

Finding Your Vocal Range

Before starting, it’s essential to determine your vocal range, as it gives you a clearer understanding of your comfort zone with different notes. Enya is known as a soprano, but don’t be deterred if your voice falls in a different range. You can always adjust the key to suit your voice.

Key Technique in ‘So I Could Find My Way’

The central technique Exercisutilized in this song is ‘legato’, characterized by smooth and flowing transitions between notes. It requires control over your breath – for more information on breath support, see this article.

Legato is used in various popular songs such as ‘I Will Always Love You’ as performed by Whitney Houston, and ‘Close To You’ by the Carpenters.

How to Practice

Apply the following steps when practicing ‘So I Could Find My Way’:

  1. Analyze: Start with the lyrics, understand the song’s emotion and theme. This will guide the way you sing each phrase. This article provides useful tips.
  2. Breathing Exercises: Use the Farinelli Breathing exercise to work on your diaphragm and breath control.
  3. Warm Up: Next, warm up your voice with the 3-minute Warm Upvideo.
  4. Practice with Instrumental: Practice singing along with the instrumental version of the song. This will help you internalize the melody and timing.
  5. Focus on Legato: Pay attention to the smooth transition between notes. It’s essential to use the correct breath support and energy to maintain legato.

Moving Forward

Keep track of your progress with the Vocal Pitch Monitor. If you find certain parts difficult, don’t be discouraged. Go back to those parts and practice until you’re confident. Remember, it’s important to protect your voice, and it’s fine to adjust the keys to avoid straining your voice. This singing plan will help you navigate learning this song step by step.

Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy the process. Happy singing!