How to Learn Singing “Somebody” from Bridgit Mendler

Learning to Sing “Somebody” by Bridgit Mendler

“Somebody” is a lively pop song, performed by Bridgit Mendler, that showcases a unique combination of breath control and vocal agility. Let’s delve into the singularity of this song and explore techniques to master its rendition.

Understanding Breath Control

One crucial aspect to nail in “Somebody” is efficient breath control. Singers often manage breath by using the diaphragm to control the amount of air released during singing. To learn more about this technique, refer to our Breathing basics article.

Mastering Vocal Agility

This song requires a great deal of vocal agility, evident in the quick shifts between notes. Agility can be honed by regular vocal exercises. Striving for this skill, you would also love our Pitch Training – Educational Singing Game.

Determine Your Vocal Range

Before attempting to sing “Somebody,” it’s crucial to determine whether the song suits your vocal range. Use the Vocal range test to know your range and compare it with Bridgit Mendler’s by visiting the Vocal ranges of famous singers page.

Sing the Right Way

The key to singing “Somebody” correctly involves understanding the nuances of Bridgit Mendler’s performance. The soaring clarity of her voice relies on good breath support, open throat singing, and accurate pitch. Learn how to achieve these in our articles on Breath support, Open mouth & throat, and Why do we sing out of pitch?.

Practice Makes Perfect

Use the Vocal Pitch Monitor to track your pitch accuracy as you practice. Follow the guide on How to learn a song effectively for the best results. You might also find our Educational singing course beneficial