How to Learn Singing “Someone Like You” from Jekyll & Hyde

Learning to Sing “Someone Like You” from Jekyll & Hyde

“Someone Like You” from the musical Jekyll & Hyde is a beautiful ballad that requires good breath control, strong chest voice, and the ability to convey deep emotion. The song uses a technique called chest voice extensively, which gives the song its rich, resonant tone.

Understanding Your Voice

Before diving into the song, it’s best to understand your own voice and where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Take the vocal range test to find out your range and compare it with the range required for this song. Also, try the pitch accuracy test to ensure you’re hitting the right notes.

Mastering Chest Voice

One key technique used in “Someone Like You” is singing in chest voice. This technique, often used in pop and musical theater, gives the song its powerful, emotive quality. Learning to use your chest voice correctly is crucial. Watch the Chest Voice Explained video to understand and practice this technique.

Conveying Emotion

Singing isn’t just about hitting the right notes, it’s also about conveying the song’s emotion. “Someone Like You” is a deeply emotional song, so make sure to delve into its meaning and story. The videos Relaxing Breath and Stage Tips can provide guidance on how to express emotion through your performance.

Enhancing Your Singing

To further improve your singing, explore our singing course. It covers 21 lessons on both theory and practical aspects of singing. You can monitor your improvement with Vocal Pitch Monitor while practicing.

Practice & Perform

Practice is key to mastering “Someone Like You”. You can use the song search tool to find more songs similar in range and difficulty to “Someone Like You” for extra practice. When you’re ready, perform and share your progress!