How to Learn Singing “Songbird” from Oasis

Learning to Sing ‘Songbird’ by Oasis

“Songbird” by Oasis is a beautifully simple song that primarily relies on a vocalist’s ability to control and sustain the breath while maintaining pitch accuracy. The melody falls comfortably within a one-octave range, making it a great choice for beginners.

Understanding the Song

To get started, it’s necessary to understand your voice in relation to the song. Use the vocal range test and pitch accuracy test to determine where your voice fits.

With the results, you can better interpret the song by matching the key and octave to your voice. Indeed, your unique voice type has a big impact on how you’ll perform (read more about voice types).

Breath Control

One of the central aspects of ‘Songbird’ is sustaining longer phrases while maintaining control over your breath and pitch. This requires good breath support (learn more about breath support).

Practicing Farinelli Breathing is a great way to start improving your breath control.

Pitch Accuracy

Alongside breath control, your ability to sing the correct pitches is crucial. The Pitch Training tool will help you improve your pitch accuracy through fun, interactive exercises.

Spend some time each day practicing with this tool to sharpen your sense of pitch (learn about why we sing out of pitch).

Expressing the Song Through Emotion

In ‘Songbird’, the emotion and feel of the song are just as important as technical aspects. Search for your own authentic voice and learn how to sing with emotion (read more about singing with emotion).

Additional Techniques

‘Songbird’ doesn’t center around flashy vocal techniques or elaborate runs. However, as you become comfortable with the song, you may want to introduce some personal flare. Be creative with your articulation (learn about articulation) or add a bit of vibrato (read more about singing with vibrato).


Learning to sing ‘Songbird’ is a wonderful way to practice the fundamental skills of singing. Monitor your progress as you develop breath control, pitch accuracy and emotional expression. Remember, singing takes time. Be patient with yourself, practice daily, and most importantly, have fun!